Welcome to the perfect mix of work and leisure in the vibrant coastal city of Busan, South Korea. Are you ready for a unique digital nomad adventure? 🌉


Pop-up Coliving in Busan 🌊

⏰ When: September 1st - 29th, 2024

📌 Where: Busan City, South Korea

👩‍💻 Who: digital nomads

💵 Program Fee: 1 week 300 USD - 4 weeks 900 USD


Join ‘Hoppin Busan’, a pop-up coliving program, designed for digital nomads. Busan, with its stunning beaches and modern amenities, offers a captivating blend of dynamic city life and tranquil coastal beauty. Connect with fellow digital nomads and dive into the local culture of Korea. With high-speed internet and comfortable coworking spaces just minutes away from beautiful beaches and cultural attractions, Busan has everything you need.



Whether you want to unwind by the sea, explore local markets, or network with fellow professionals, Busan provides an enriching environment for productivity and relaxation.

$\color{white}\colorbox{#17ADFF}{What's Included?}$

🏡 Private studio with a dedicated workspace, bathroom & kitchenette

💻 Free access to coworking spaces around the city and weekly Coworking Day events

🌊 Local activities and excursions

🇰🇷 Interactive session with local government and business

💙 amazing local hosts to support you and foster the community

🧾 An online guide with local recommendations for workspaces, cafes, restaurants…